The Simplest Way to Get a Loan Instantly

Going to a bank in order to get a loan is never a simple process. There is a lot of bureaucracy involved and in most cases, you will be required to go to several appointments to prove that you are eligible for the bank’s services.

Even after all of this, some banks may simply decide that your credit score is not high enough or that you have to submit additional documentation to get the loan. Some banks may also set certain limitations when it comes to what you can do with the money that they lend you.

Generally speaking, the process can take a very long time, which is bad news if you need money today. Luckily, there is always the option of using an online service to get a loan. These process loan requests in under 24 hours and usually transfer the money in a few minutes after you’ve been approved.

This having been said, there are hundreds of different online money lending services, each with their own terms and conditions. If you want to get a good deal and not be surprised by how much you have to pay back at the end of the term, you will have to learn how to find a reliable platform.

Research online lending platforms that you can use

The first step when it comes to borrowing money online is researching your options. Look at what platforms operate in your area. Some states prohibit their activity while others simply regulate them so that they offer as much financial transparency as possible.

Depending on how fast you need the money, you may want to look for a same-day lender. These websites process the loan requests extremely fast and also sent you the money almost instantly. In some cases, it can take as little as 2-3 hours for the money to be deposited into your account.

Look at what options you have and then go to a third-party review platform such as TrustPilot and read what previous users had to say about the platforms. Once you find one that has a good score and great reviews, you’re good to go.

Get all of your documents together

The next step is to find all the documents that you will need. Almost all services will require the following:

  • Proof of identity – This can either be your government-issued ID, a passport, or even your driver’s license. You will have to take a photo of one of these documents using your phone and upload it to the platform;
  • Proof of address – You can use a rental contract, a recent utility bill that has your name on it, or any other document that clearly states the fact that you are living where you claim;
  • Proof of income – This depends on the platform that you use. Some will ask that you submit a pay stub, while others may ask you for a copy of last year’s federal tax income, or a tax statement. Keep at least one of these nearby;

Keep in mind that some platforms may also ask for your credit score, however, this information is only needed for marketing purposes. The score will not be checked and it will not have an impact on whether you get the loan or not.

Do the math and compare the rates and fees

Each service offers different rates and fees for its services. Look at what amount of money you need to borrow and find the platform that offers the biggest advantages. In most cases, short-term loans will have considerably lower rates than ones that last for several months.

Find 5-6 platforms that you would be willing to use, write down what rates each of them offers and do the math to see how much you will have to pay back. Find the one that has the lowest rates for the period of time that you are interested.

Apply for a loan using the website or the app

You can apply for the loan using the website, however, some platforms also offer smartphone apps that help streamline the process. These can make it easier to send in the photographed documents and also to keep an eye on what amount of money you’ve borrowed and how much you need to pay back.


The simplest way to get a loan instantly is by using an online service. These are regulated by the government, so your personal and financial information will be safe. Furthermore, if you know what to look for, you may get a better deal than what a bank would offer.

Pay close attention to what platform you use, make sure that you understand all the terms and conditions before applying for a loan and you won’t have anything to worry about.

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