Save the Sexlinger Orange Orchard

Join The Grain Project and concerned community members in opposing the TAVA Development Company's plans to place 24 single-family homes on this historic five-acre orange orchard in northeast Santa Ana.

Located at 1584 East Santa Clara, this property owned since 1913 by the Sexlinger family, is one of the last and largest orange orchards remaining in Santa Ana and it's five-acres represents an important contribution to what is less than 100 acres of orange orchards remaining in the entire county of Orange. We at The Grain Project envision this historic site to be preserved as an agricultural history museum and visitor center and resource accessible to the community at large to learn about local agriculture and to produce healthy fruits and vegetables.

The Sexlinger Center for Urban Agriculture would:

Considering the value of this property as a historical and community resource, any project envisioned for this property should be based in conservation, preservation, and community education; whereas TAVA Development Company would simply add 24 new homes, streets, and landscaping where this beautiful farm currently exists.

The proposed housing development is currently in the planning stage and will be voted on later this year by both the Planning Commission and City Council. An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) should become available for public comment within the next few weeks. Our efforts at this point are to stop the development process from proceeding and to generate a community-wide discussion for this property's use for the benefit of the entire city of Santa Ana and Orange County at large.