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Give the gift of a garden.
Sponsoring community gardens in urban neighborhoods.

Sponsor a child for only $50 for one year.
Sponsor a family of 4 for only $100.

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The Grain Project would like to invite you to give the gift of health and food to a family in need.  The availability of healthy food and exercise within a community that is plagued with obesity, diabetes, and poverty is a challenge.  However, we have addressed these issues by creating a cooperative learning garden at Jerome Park in central Santa Ana.  It is the first of its kind in the city, and the first garden sponsored by the City of Santa Ana.  This strategic location has ensured that healthy food choices and opportunities are made available to those who are most in need of such resources.

With your sponsorship, members from the community will have the opportunity to join our Garden Club, where they can plant, nurture, and harvest local produce that they themselves have grown.  Participating families have enjoyed the dignity, honor, and healthy benefits of growing their own produce.  By sponsoring an individual or a family, you can ensure that more families have access to healthy foods and exercise.  You will also be able to help bring more community gardens to other locations within the city.

Please consider supporting a community gardener for only $50.00 for one year.  This will provide him / her with all of the seeds, garden tools, and equipment necessary to grow a healthy harvest of fruits and vegetables.  Your donation of $100.00 will care for a family of four over the course of one year.  You can sponsor one or more community members by donating securely here through Paypal (credit cards accepted), or you can send your donation by mail to The Grain Project, P.O. Box 572, Santa Ana, CA 92702. Donations are tax-deductible.

For more information about The Grain Project, please write to [email protected].

Help us cultivate a community of organic food producers!

Donations are tax-deductible.   EIN# 20-0589878    The Grain Project has earned the GuidStar Exchange Seal for our commitment to transparency and our compliance with federal and state regulations.

Thank you for your support!
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The Grain Project
P.O. Box 572
Santa Ana, California 92702



Cultivating CommUnity - A Sustainable Urban Agriculture Initiative

Growing a CommUnity of Organic Food Producers!


The Grain Project works to establish community and school gardens throughout the city of Santa Ana and the entire Orange County region.  Community gardens transform stagnant, vacant lots into vibrant and abundant greenscapes that promote health, education, local food, community and beautification of the city.  To date, we have implemented and/or supported 25 gardens in parks, vacant lots, backyards, and schools across Orange County. 

Please contact us if you are interested in our consulting services to help you create a garden of your own or if you would like to sponsor one as a gift for someone you know.  We are able to offer tax-deductible receipts for sponsored gardens that will go toward supporting a low-income family to grow their own organic food in their yard or patio.

CommUnity Roots Neighborhood Gardens

Implementing gardens within various neighborhoods throughout the community will allow families space to grow food while also healing the land, improving the environment and aesthetics of particularly blighted neighborhoods, and providing opportunities for community-building.  These gardens are centers for educational exchange with an emphasis on sustainable living, natural building, native plants, understanding heritage, and creativity.  They incorporate composting, sculpture, and locally crafted garden art and celebrate the agricultural history of Orange County.

CommUnity Roots School Gardens

The Grain Project feels that it is crucial to teach children about farming, food distribution, wholesome eating habits and how to live a healthy lifestyle.  Malnutrition and obesity are serious health issues that many of the children in the Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) and other nearby districts live with.  We are excited to announce the collaboration with numerous schools in SAUSD on our School Garden Initiative where our goal is establishing and sustaining a garden in every school!

Gardens are wonderful tools to use to teach children and youth the importance of eating well, boosting self-esteem and problem-solving and critical thinking skills.  Gardens may be used in a non-conventional manner to teach other subjects such as science, arts, creative writing and math.
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